Improve the Efficiency
of Marketing Channels


Marketing is harder than ever. Traditional techniques are becoming less successful, customers are educated, well-informed, competition is global and sales cycles are longer. Consumers` memory is fully loaded with a multitude of marketing messages, and their decisions seem irrational. How to effectively transfer your messages to the consumer in such an environment? The solution is in-depth knowledge of consumer and adapting the marketing activities to consumer.

In Oculus we help you optimize the marketing tools to achieve a response from consumers. Our primary goal is to obtain the desired decision of your customers - to prepare them to think and act the way you want. By optimizing marketing activities based on understanding consumer behaviour you will be able to increase revenue and return on investment (ROI), and at the same time satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Eye tracking


The smooth and authentic experience of users in the environment can be tracked by Tobi Glasses 2 that accurately measure what one sees. With eye tracking glasses we gain a broader insight into the behaviour of various research fields. The glasses are suitable for research in the shop, optimizing packaging, product placement, store design, testing, outdoor advertising and other communications with consumers.

With websites and web applications Tobi Eye Tracker X-60 is used. It is the smallest of the eye tracking system which is installed on the screen. The device is characterized by a high tolerance to the movements of the head, and it allows the measurement accuracy and comfort using a variety of devices.


Usability testing is an established method used in research and the development of websites. In Oculus we upgrade the method with recording of the unconscious behaviour of users by using an advanced system for monitoring the movement of the pupil of the eye (eye tracking).

We help determine how users browse your sites, where they experience problems and we recommend how to improve these problems. The data offers insights into understanding the path that leads to conversions. With proposals to optimize your sites we also consider your business goals which we help effectively balance with the satisfaction of the user.

Point of sales

With the growing supply of store brands and products, competition within the trade became sharper. Retailers are aware of the value of their space and shelves. Shop turns out to be a remarkable media that meet all communication efforts, culminating with the purchase of a product or its refusal. Brand representatives have begun to communicate with consumers within the stores - with strategic line up of products and prices and other visual elements.

We help retailers and brand managers to understand the buying behaviour of consumers at the points of sale. The image on the visibility of the products on the purchaser's path to the cash desk is created. It enables the optimization of product presentations and helps you to identify opportunities and guides you in formulating marketing strategies.


Our work is based on a relatively new science neuromarketing which deals with the question of how consumers choose and combine neuroscience, psychology and marketing. Neuromarketing marketing researches explore consumers' cognitive, sensual motoric functions and emotional response to products, packaging, advertisements and other marketing elements. It is the understanding of brain function in order to improve the advertisements and products using technologies such as tracking of view (eye tracking), EEG and functional magnetic resonance imaging (eng. FMRI). With their help, we realize the reasons for purchaser's purchase decisions.

We have educated abroad and gained experience in research departments of companies with best practices in user experience. Neuromarketing approaches now being developed in Slovenia as well. With their help we solve the challenges of the effectiveness of advertising and customer satisfaction with scientific methods, and enable better marketing strategy.  


When selecting creative advertising solutions, it is difficult to avoid the subjective judgment of the advertiser. However, a great advertisement in the eyes of an advertiser can be detected quite differently with consumers. How to determine which ads are really effective? Marketing research using the methodology of tracking view (eye tracking) can show the objective data of unconscious behaviour of the consumer. Results precisely tell whether the consumer had perceived all the elements that are relevant to the advertisers, how the elements were perceived, and how much attention was paid to them.

Testing advertisements with eye tracking method is already being used by many companies around the world that want to determine which ads are really effective.

We help you optimize your ads in order for the consumers to perceive the message and trigger the behaviour you want them to. You will get answers about consumer perception and check whether your communication reaches the desired effect.

About us

The company Oculus was founded in 2012 by marketing enthusiasts in order to transfer and develop best practice of testing the user experience based on neuromarketing approaches to Slovenia. We have particularly specialized in optimizing the user experience and testing the view by tracking (eye tracking). We are well familiar with user experience and marketing tools that you want to optimize. We work directly with larger companies, agencies (Renderspace, Eprvak, Dlabs ...) from Slovenia and the wider South East Europe. Our team consists of experts in the field of user experience, marketing, anthropology, psychology, and statistics. We also collaborate with experts from Switzerland, Sweden and the United States.